Episode 22: For Real Though, A Textbook Millennial

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We interview millennial super star Tim Barry, and review some HR headlines as well.


Episode 21: How To Get Away With Murder & Other Stuff at Work

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In episode 21, we talk about the HR red flags all over our new favorite show, How To Get Away With Murder.  We also talk about a great article in the Wall Street Journal about Twitter CEO Dick Costolo –how do you handle the typical situation where a brilliant start-up CEO is not executing on a consistent vision and cannot build a stable operational team?  Finally, in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we lament the sliding expectations for presenting professionally at an interview.

The WSJ article:


Episode 20: White Collar Yawners

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In Episode 20, for Pop Culture HR, we review the new TV show from Esquire network, White Collar Brawlers.  We also look at news from the enterprise messaging space as well as the recent controversy with Jimmy Johns’ non-compete agreements with their sandwich artists.  Finally, in That’s Dumb With Kristin, learn not to decline a job offer twice.

Esquire’s new show:


article about Riva’s new enterprise messaging product:


the Jimmy Johns topic:

Episode 19: Portland, Where Young People Go To Retire

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In episode 19, we talk HR Current Events with the latest efforts to unionize the VW plant in Chattanooga.  In HR Pop Culture, we look at the the labor market in Portland, Oregon, where the TV show Portlandia says is the place where young people go to retire.  We also answer a great questions for Superfan #5, and our look out for Superfan #6. Finally, in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we wonder why some people always talk on the surface during an interview.

Article on unionizing efforts at VW plant:


New York Times article about Portland:


Top 10 Resumes Reg Flags & Top 10 Resume Recs

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After a quick stop in the mail bag, we go over a top ten list of resume red flags, then a top ten list of resume recommendations!

Episode 17: You Need Interns, Interns Need You

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In Episode 17, we interview Ben McIntyre, founder of Internpreneur, a new company in Nashville that helps companies connect to interns and design and execute impactful internship programs.  In HR Current Events, we discuss a new court case in Wisconsin, EEOC vs. Orion Energy Systems, a potentially landmark case about corporate wellness programs.  In HR Pop Culture, we discuss news about more female characters reportedly coming to the script of HBO’s season 2 of Silicon Valley. And in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we talk about that phone call to the recruiter where a would-be candidate needs assistance deciding whether or not to apply.

Links from the show:

Ben McIntyre’s company, Internpreneur: http://www.internpreneur.co

Ben’s writing at Southern Alpha: http://southernalpha.com/author/ben-mcintyre/

The Wisconsin court case: http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/8-20-14.cfm

Bloomberg law podcast: http://www.bloomberg.com/podcasts/law/

Pando Daily’s article about HBO’s Silicon Valley: http://pando.com/2014/08/14/hbos-silicon-valley-may-fix-its-female-problem-in-season-2/

Lipscomb University’s CORE Competency-based Assessment & Development Center: http://www.lipscomb.edu/professionalstudies/core-assessment

Episode 16: World of Warcraft Resumes & Other Follow Ups

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In Episode 16, we follow up on some past topics and also dig into a new debate. A few episodes ago, we talked about diversity data released by Google. Apple has followed suit by releasing its own data, and we will talk about their employee diversity and the media’s reaction. We saw an article on the same topic of a recent Work Hugs Twitter discussion: World of Warcraft on your resume. And remembering our college episode, we look at the lowest paying college majors (for enry level jobs), and talk about keeping that kind of data in perspective. We also delve into an interesting debate on “Ban the Box,” a moment about removing the question about criminal convictions from job applications. And in What’s Dumb with Kristin, we have some thoughts about the trap of Frantic Recruiting.

Bloomberg Law Podcast (recent episode about Ban the Box):


Apple diversity:


Forbes article on World of Warcraft on the resume:


Lowest Paying College Majors: