Episode 15: It’s Hard Out There For A Recruiter

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In Episode 15, we interview Chris “the Spin Man” Spintzyk about the value of recruiters, and the challenges of working in a field where folks don’t always understand recruiting work, which can vary a lot in quality. In HR Current Events, we look at the Oak Ridge Laboratory’s recent decision to offer a class on how to lose your Southern accent, and then cancel that idea. In HR Pop Culture, we look at Jared Leto’s newest role: investor and spokesperson for integrated HR software solution Zenefits. And in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we ask of vendors, can you please get your act together before you call us?

Spin Man’s LinkedIn profile:


article about the Oak Ridge Lab accent class:


and article on Jared Leto and Zenefits:



Episode 14: Recruiter Left at the Alter

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Episode 14! In HR Pop Culture, we look at how employees at Microsoft are taking to social media in a unique way in response to mass layoffs at that company. In HR Current Events, we revisit a topic discussed previously about wacky interview questions –it turns out Google is no longer interested in those. We get to interview social media maven and HR pro Justin Harris about the decision to get an MBA. And in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we talk about that awkward moment when a candidate formerly accepts an offer, then backs out.

The Microsoft employee blog:


The article about Google’s interview questions:


and all of Justin Harris’ online greatness:


Episode 13: Breaking Into Nonprofit Work

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In episode 13, we talk about the latest power struggle at American Apparel between former CEO Dov Charney and the Board of Directors, a story with a long sexual harassment back story. We also talk about the employee implications of the recent Hobby Lobby decision from the Supreme Court. We interview Rick Zadd, Director of Operations at the Nashville Academy of Computer Science, a public charter school opening this fall in Nashville. Rick is a former business grad and sales guy who talks with us about the much-desired transition from corporate to nonprofit work. Finally, in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we wonder, why is it so hard to beleive that cost of living is much different between cities when we look at the salary for a new job?

the American Apparel article: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-american-apparel-battle-20140702-story.html

the Hobby Lobby decision article: http://www.thenation.com/article/180499/where-will-slippery-slope-hobby-lobby-end

Nashville Academy of Computer Science: http://www.nashcompsci.org

Teach for America: http://www.teachforamerica.org

Building Excellent Schools (BES): http://buildingexcellentschools.org/

AmeriCorps: http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps

Hands on Nashville: http://www.hon.org/

New Recording Schedule

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We will not be posting an episode today –we are moving to every other Sunday instead of every week. We want to post every day, but the time is catching up to us! SO look for the next episode next weekend, on Sunday July 6th. Thank you! –Peter and Kristin

Episode 12: All Hugs Lead to Rome

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In episode 12, we interview Stacie Huckeba, photographer and videographer to music rock stars, about networking and passion in a creative industry. Stacie is also a big time blogger recently picked up by the Huffington Post. You can learn more about Stacie at imagesbystacie.com. We also talk about the latest social media firestorm between Dave Ramsey and his former employees in HR Pop Culture, courtesy of an article from The Daily Beast, and we discuss the migration of the most highly educated in the workforce out of Nashville per a recent article from The Atlantic recently featured by the Nashville Scene. Finally, in That’s Dumb with Kristin, we wonder why it is so hard to answer the question: why did you apply for this job?

Some links for these and other items referenced in the episode:

clients of Stacie’s: Todd Snider (www.toddsnider.net) and Jason Ringenberg(www.farmerjason.com)

bars and venues in Nashville: http://www.thecanneryballroom.com, familywash.com, http://www.thespringwater.com

and the articles:



Episode 11: Making it Work in Music City: Artists & Musicpreneurs

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Call this our Nashville episode. Switching up the format one more time (we’ll be back to regular segments next week) we spend Episode 11 interviewing musicians and “musicpreneurs” about how to succeed as a musician and also career sustainability in the music industry. A lot of unique perspectives and nuggets that can apply to jobs even outside of music, especially related to our desire to be creative.

First up is Mike Fabio. Mike is a music industry veteran who is currently a partner at Back Porch Group (a music industry think tank), COO & co-founder of Bandposters (www.getbandposters.com) and founder of Tiny Jetpack (www.tinyjetpack.com), a marketing firm for musicians. One more link around Mike’s interview: you can check out information about the space robot contest at http://www.googlelunarxprize.org

We also talk to Dorothy and Jace Seavers, who are the band and tv show Meet the Seavers. Dorothy and Jace have a lot to share about being happy, creative and successful musicians, even with full time day jobs. You can learn even more about Meet the Seavers at their website, http://www.meettheseavers.com.

Episode 10: Google Diversity, Work Perks & Fake Jobs

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To celebrate reaching episode number 10, we are doing a mini episode! We talk about recently disclosed diversity data from Google, review answers to our online question about work perks, and in That’s Dumb with Kristin: what’s up with fake job postings?